Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emerging Technology Post 2

Amimoto. is a source for making simple slide shows and video programs with legal images and songs. The bulk of the editing is done within the program without input from users (on the free version I experiemented with)

My students were demonstrating their basic knowledge of PhotoBooth and editing tools within the program and beginning PhotoShop knowledge while using animoto as a way to share. (examples in blogger)

There are multiple way in which animoto could be used in a classroom. Demonstration of skills, understanding of a concept, sharing emotional imaging, descriptive language, visual vocabulary, etc.
It can also hold short video clips that are easily shared with blogger, myspace, youtube etc.

My class was interested in making a FaceBook page that could be accessible to students; this page would include their work and studies as well as things that would interest students like sport updates etc.
This brings me to the issues: Facebook randomly seems to blog their animotos as including offensive content. (There was none). It will let me (and them) post their animotos to their profile, but will not allow us to post to our "group" page. We are now troubleshooting around that by making a fan page, but IPS blocks from school.

We are going to make a blog page that posts the videos and link to our facebook page and ultimately examine other ways of embedding film. The other instance seems to be that animoto will randomly delete files without warning or reasoning.

My husband, (fourth grade teacher) is going to use animoto with his students in excercises in sensory images and figurative language.